Viral Video: Ghaziabad Street Food Vendor Makes Cheela With Bare Hands

Street food is one genre of food that Indians swear by every time. India’s love for street food is evident from the fact that there are vendors and hawkers found practically at every corner. Whether it’s chaat, momos, sandwich, or even Hakka noodles – there are a variety of cuisines that are available at roadside eateries. Each street food vendor tries to make something different that will set him apart from the others. This Ghaziabad vendor, for instance, has a unique selling proposition – he makes the much-loved Cheela with his bare hands! Watch the video and see for yourself: (Also Read:Do You Know How Soan Papdi Is Made? Viral Video Shows The Process) The clip of the Ghaziabad vendor was shared on YouTube by food blogger Amar Sirohi, also known by his handle @foodieincarnate. The video has gone viral and raked in over 1.5 million views in just 2 days. It was also among YouTube’s top trending videos in India. In the clip, we see the Ghaziabad vendor making cheela with his bare hands. He starts by pouring the batter onto a heated griddle. The fact that he is using his hands and not any spatula or ladle makes the process quite interesting. Next, he adds in a range of vegetables and mixes them by hand for the filling of the cheela. Then, this mixture is spread throughout the Cheela, which is then flipped with a cube of butter on top. The crispy and fulfilling cheela is cut into four parts and served with delicious chutneys! The skill and dexterity of the Ghaziabad vendor mesmerised YouTube users. Comments and reactions poured into the video shared by the food blogger. “Thank god it’s without cheese,” wrote one user while another said, “maintain proper hygiene in making this recipe.” This is not the only unique creation by a street food vendor to have gone viral. Recently, a Surat-based created an Ice Gola weighing 5kgs with multiple delicious ingredients – a video that stunned the internet. Click here to read more about it.

Sanjay Dutt’s Twin Kids Celebrate 11th Birthday, Maanayata Shares Pics

Birthdays are incomplete without a food fest. Sanjay Dutt’s family surely knows that. So, when Sanjay and Maanayata Dutt’s twinsturned 11, the family celebrated it with a mind-blowing food spread. The siblings, Shahraan and Iqra, were treated to a delicious assortment of sugary and fruity delights. Photos from the birthday celebration were shared by their mother Maanayata. We saw a plate of fruits containing slices of apples, oranges, dragon fruits and raspberries. It also had a bar of white chocolate. On a stylised sheet was written, “Happy Birthday Shahraan and Iqra.” Behind this plate, we could see cakes, puddings and caramel desserts on the table. Both the parents posed with the brother and sister in the photos. Take a look: The celebration was graced with two yummy chocolatey birthday cakes as well. One of the cakes was glazed in chocolate. It had a simple yet mouth-watering decoration of fresh strawberries. The other cake was covered in a beige fondant. Over this was poured a dripping of molten white and dark chocolate. This cake also had a host of colourful chocolates on the top. Have a look: Shahraan and Iqra relished two beautiful cakes on their 9th birthday too. However, unlike this year, their cakes looked very different then. A photo shared by Maanayata showed a cake with FC Barcelona decoration on it while the other cake had a more princess theme touch to it. Now, guess which one was for whom? Birthdays aren’t the only occasion when the Dutt family gets together for a foodie indulgence. A few days ago, Maanayata was seen in the kitchen with her daughter Iqra. “Baking pizzas are always a fun time with family,” the mother wrote. In the video, we see Maanayata dressing a pizza before setting it for baking. She puts onions and herbs on top of other dressings on the pizza dough. We also see Iqra busy at the kitchen table by her mother’s side. Here’s a delicious classic chicken pizza recipe for those who are craving this Italian food right now. If you want to experiment, here’s a recipe for naan veggie pizza.