‘Hung Up On Chocolate’: Kajol’s Sweet Indulgences Will Give You Cravings

Kajol has always impressed us with her acting skills and unabashed nature. Even when it comes to food, the actress has never shied away from showing her unabashed love for anything that’s tasty. Recently, the actress indulged in some chocolatey treats. She posted an image of the same on Instagram, and captioned the post, “All hung up on chocolate.” In the post, we can see a variety of thin chocolate barks hanging from a wire-like structure. We can see brown chocolate with tiny nuts all over it. Next to it is a delectable orange-coloured chocolate, followed by a brown one. At the end of the string, we see a white chocolate pistachio bark. Take a look: (Also Read:This Is What Kajol Believes About Coffee, And We Wholeheartedly Agree) Kajol does have sweet cravings from time to time and she doesn’t shy away from sharing the same on social media. In July, she had shared an image of a scrumptious gajar ka halwa. Kajol captioned the post, “Good looking calorie-free gajar ka halwa. Best of both worlds.” To find out more about Kajol’s dessert that won’t add any calories, click here. Kajol celebrated her birthday in August. On her special day, she received a lot of sweet treats. Gushing over four bowls of delicious creme brulee with fresh strawberries placed on top of them, Kajol posted the image on Instagram and even tagged the chef thanking him for “adding the sweetness to the day”. She had also shared another image of the treat she got from her friend, filmmaker Karan Johar. It was boxes filled with chocolates and cake jars. To find out more about Kajol’s birthday, click here. On another occasion, the actress gave us a glimpse into her witty side by posting a funny response to those who questioned her appetite. She had shared an image of herself, sitting near a plate of food with a peculiar expression. Kajol captioned the post, “Did you just say ‘I have a good appetite’! Well, when I’m hungry I can eat you too.” To find out what her fans posted when Kajol responded to those who made fun of her eating habits, click here. What do you think about Kajol’s tryst with food and her carefree attitude when it comes to her appetite?

Sanjay Dutt’s Twin Kids Celebrate 11th Birthday, Maanayata Shares Pics

Birthdays are incomplete without a food fest. Sanjay Dutt’s family surely knows that. So, when Sanjay and Maanayata Dutt’s twinsturned 11, the family celebrated it with a mind-blowing food spread. The siblings, Shahraan and Iqra, were treated to a delicious assortment of sugary and fruity delights. Photos from the birthday celebration were shared by their mother Maanayata. We saw a plate of fruits containing slices of apples, oranges, dragon fruits and raspberries. It also had a bar of white chocolate. On a stylised sheet was written, “Happy Birthday Shahraan and Iqra.” Behind this plate, we could see cakes, puddings and caramel desserts on the table. Both the parents posed with the brother and sister in the photos. Take a look: The celebration was graced with two yummy chocolatey birthday cakes as well. One of the cakes was glazed in chocolate. It had a simple yet mouth-watering decoration of fresh strawberries. The other cake was covered in a beige fondant. Over this was poured a dripping of molten white and dark chocolate. This cake also had a host of colourful chocolates on the top. Have a look: Shahraan and Iqra relished two beautiful cakes on their 9th birthday too. However, unlike this year, their cakes looked very different then. A photo shared by Maanayata showed a cake with FC Barcelona decoration on it while the other cake had a more princess theme touch to it. Now, guess which one was for whom? Birthdays aren’t the only occasion when the Dutt family gets together for a foodie indulgence. A few days ago, Maanayata was seen in the kitchen with her daughter Iqra. “Baking pizzas are always a fun time with family,” the mother wrote. In the video, we see Maanayata dressing a pizza before setting it for baking. She puts onions and herbs on top of other dressings on the pizza dough. We also see Iqra busy at the kitchen table by her mother’s side. Here’s a delicious classic chicken pizza recipe for those who are craving this Italian food right now. If you want to experiment, here’s a recipe for naan veggie pizza.