Shruti Haasan Loves This Japanese Dish “More Than A Lot Of Things In This World”; Find Out What It Is

Shruti Haasan is a self-confessed foodie. The actress has been quite vocal about her culinary choices and her Instagram is proof. She recently confessed her love for a Japanese dish. Can you guess what it is? Mochi. Shruti’s new Instagram Stories features Mochi. It is a Japanese rice cake made from mochigome, a short-grain glutinous rice. Texture-wise, it’s a gooey combination of rice and dough. Looks like Shruti has been happily chomping on mochi as we can see one of the rice cakes half-eaten. She stated, “I love mochi more than a lot of things in this world.” Shruti enjoys mochi. Seems like Shruti gorged on some delicious food a few hours before she had mochi. She had uploaded a video of some tasty food on Instagram Stories. We could see lobster, prawns, spicy rice, French fries, corn among other things. There were some lip-smacking nuggets too. She is eating a variety of delicacies! We also saw Shruti having a fresh smoothie. She drank it from a glass that had salt on its rim and a piece of lime tucked in. She also drinks a fresh smoothie. Earlier, in June, Shruti shared with us an image of her dinner that included Chettinad Chicken and idli. She captioned the post, “Chicken Chettinad and idly dinner in the works.” She had also conducted an ‘Ask me anything’ session on Instagram and revealed her food choices. One of her fans asked her to choose one between thakkali thokku or mango thokku (Thakkali is a tomato and thokku is a type of pickle). Shruti answered the query and said, “Thakkali is my only favourite, thakkali rasam, thakkali thokku, anything thakkali I like #ThakkaliIsLife”. Read more about it here. Not only does Shruti like to eat, but she also loves to cook. Once, she gave us a glimpse of her delicious South Indian meal that left us drooling. She prepared a feast with vendakkai kulumbu (okra curry flavoured with tamarind), dal sambar, and potato fry. We could also see some white steamed rice along with it. We could hear Shruti’s voice in the background where she said, “Today I made some weird and amazing food”. The food indeed looked amazing. Find out more about it here. Once, Shruti cooked was seen making white chocolate treats. For this, she used white chocolate blocks, cream cheese, and some berries. She also added salt and vanilla extract to it. After that, the dessert was poured into a cup and further kept in a refrigerator. “White chocolate weekend I forgot to shoot vanilla extract and a pinch of salt — cheat weekend mode on.” It was a weekend and Shruti did cheat on her diet with white chocolate delicacy. Click here to read about it. We really like how Shruti Haasan is a bonafide foodie and doesn’t shy away from expressing her love for food.

Mouni Roy Starts Off The Week With Everything Delicious And Italian

Wait, is Mouni Roy indulgingin some delicious food again? Well, her social media posts suggest so!There’s a guiltless foodie in the actress and we all know it. But Mouni’s bias for Italian cuisine is what makes her more relatable to us. Recently, the actress went on an outing with singer and music director Manmeet Singh, one of the Meet Bros duo. But outings are boring for Mouni without some good food. So, she indulged in delectable cheesy pizza and a mouth-watering dish of spaghetti. Mouni excitedly wrote, “Truffle truffle.” She also posted a video of an orange drink on the table and Manmeet by her side. We are sure that the friends had a scrumptious meal together. Mouni enjoyed some delicious pizza and pastaMouni also posted a picture of these deliciousbreads Mouni drove us crazy with her recent food photo dump. She compiled photos from her food trips and posted them on Instagram. Her list runs long. We see delicious spaghetti, pizza and pasta. Her adventure continues to crispy grilled sandwiches, burgers, and irresistible desserts along with some drinks. There are also salads loaded with a lot of greens. Mouni also included a photo of a lip-smacking papri chaat. Can’t resist it, right? Mouni wrote, “Woke up thinking about (food emoji).” Have a look at Mouni’s food video: Mouni and Manmeet Singh often catch up over food. Earlier this year, the two had a fantastic treat for themselves. The singer had himself cooked for Mouni. It was an unforgettable platter of herbed rice, sautéed broccoli, some Indian bread, a dessert and a white chutney. A chocolate cake awaited Mouni after this filling dinner. This is what we call a perfect dinner. Read more about it here. (Also read:Mouni Roy Can’t Do Without THIS Popular Food; Can You Guess?) Mouni can often pamper her sweet tooth too. What does she do then? She indulges in a plate of colourful sweet macaroons and pastries. Don’t believe us? Check out this post from her Instagram page: (Also read:Mouni Roy’s Decadent Indulgence In Dubai Is Making Us Crave Some Too (See Pics)) But she keeps going back to pizza and spaghetti. During her Ukraine trip, Mouni turned into a traveller, fashionista and foodie all at once. In her photo dump from Odessa, we see her diving into a delicious thick crust pizza and a delicious-looking dish of spaghetti. Mouni Roy will never stop fascinating us with her food diaries.