Want To Experiment With Pani Puri? Here’s A Recipe That Has A Pineapple Twist

There’s barely anything that can compete with the fanfare around Indian street food. Among these street food items, pani puri always stays on top of the popularity charts. The crunchy ball of puris filled with a sour-spicy filling is a mouth-watering delight for many. Call it pani puri, golgappa, phuchka or gupchup, the different names tie together a single craving for fun street food. But did you ever think of experimenting with this much-loved food? Chef Saransh Goila has come up with his own pani puri recipe. And it has got a fruity twist that you won’t regret. Saransh is showing us a way to give a pineapple punch to the regular pani puri dip. The regular ‘pani’ is made with mint, chilli powder and spices mixed in water. But the pineapple pani puri uses the fruit’s juice as its base. The ingredients are quite unique but nonetheless yummy. (Also Read:Chef Saransh Goila Tells Us The Secret To Chopping Onions Without Crying)Here are the ingredients that you need to make pineapple pani puri: 1 pineapple 20 curry leaves (dry roasted) 1 tsp cumin (dry roasted) 1 star anise (dry roasted) 2 tbsp sugar 1 tbsp ginger (chopped) 2 green chillies (chopped) 1 glass water 1 tsp black salt 1 tsp black pepper (crushed) 1/2 tsp chaat masala 1/2 tsp salt Ice cubes Boondi PuriHow to make pineapple pani puri? The crispy puris for this recipe will be the same as the regular ones. But the pani will receive a major makeover. Take a big pineapple and chop it into cubes. Add these pieces to a blender. Add the dry roasted curry leaves, cumin and star anise in the blender. On top of this, add sugar, ginger and chillies. Blend them once. Then, add a glass of water and blend the mixture. After blending, strain the mixture. Pour the juice into a large mixing bowl. We aren’t done yet. (Also Read:Hold On! Have You Heard Of A ‘No Bun Burger’? Try This Recipe By Celebrity Chef Saransh Goila) Make this pani spicier by adding black salt, crushed black pepper, chaat masala and salt to taste. Add a cool twist to this recipe by dropping ice cubes into the mixing bowl. Add boondi and mix them well. Dip your puris and relish this sweet-sour-spicy pani puri. Here is the recipe video: So, would you like to go for this recipe where the age-old pani puri gets a twist? Let us know.

Surat Eatery Gives Free ‘Locho’ To Celebrate One Billion COVID Vaccines

India achieved the milestone of 100 Crore COVID vaccinations on 21st October. This landmark moment was accomplished within just 10 months of the start of the vaccination program. India is now part of the prestigious club of countries that have completed a billion vaccinations, the other country being China. Social media users have been in celebratory mode ever since the announcement was made. An eatery based in Surat has decided to celebrate the day with a special scheme. They are giving out free ‘Locho’ to 100 fully vaccinated individuals to mark India’s achievement. Several citizens could be seen enjoying the free food in a video shared by ANI: (Also Read:Surat Vendor Makes Biggest Ice Gola Weighing 5Kgs; Guess Its Price?) Mohit, the eatery owner, said to ANI that they were giving away free Locho to anyone who visited them, as long as they showed the certificate of being fully vaccinated. Locho is a popular street-style snack made with chickpea flour, however, unlike Khaman it has an inconsistent shape. It is said to be one of Surat’s specialties, which is why it is also called ‘Surati Locho’ by some. Locho is steamed and sprinkled with masala, chopped onions, chutney, and crunchy Sev before being served. It can be had for breakfast, or even as a snack or ‘Farsan’ during evening tea time. The idea behind these freebies is to encourage more people to get vaccinated quickly. Since the scheme was such a hit, Mohit said he is extending it to two more days. “I want to encourage people to get vaccinated and take part in celebrations. We will continue this scheme for 2 more days,” said Mohit to ANI. What did you think of the Surat eatery’s gesture? Tell us in the comments below.