Watch: This Bizarre Rasgulla Chaat Is Making Desi Foodies Cringe

If there’s one common thread that runs throughall the regional cuisines of India, it has to be the love for sweets. Whether it’s a comforting Halwa or a sweet Payasam, a hearty Aamras or a spongy Rasgulla – there are a plethora of unique desserts found all across the country. But what if someone took your favourite dessert and created a savoury version of it? A recently surfaced video shows the creation of a Rasgulla chaat, combining the sweet Bengali mishti with some classic ingredients of a typical Chaat. Wondering what all went into the making of the Rasgulla chaat? Watch the video and see for yourself: (Also Read:7 Weird Maggi Dishes That Confused The Internet) The video of the chaat was shared on Twitter by user @KaptanHindostan, who got it from another handle called @King Of Mirzapur CSK. “We are doomed. Rasgulla chaat,” read the caption to the post. The clip has received over 85k views and thousands of likes and retweets as well. In the one-minute-long clip, the making of the Rasgulla chaat is shown. First, two Rasgullas are drained of the sugar syrup and placed in a container. Then, they are sliced from the middle and topped with curd, tamarind chutney, spices, and chopped dry fruits. The process was similar to that of Dahi Bhalla, except that the Rasgullas were used in place of Bhallas in the recipe. Twitter users reacted to the bizarre concoction. Some questioned why the cheese and butter from the street-style delight were missing, as is seen in most food bloggers’ videos. Others wanted to know why someone would create a chaat with Rasgulla in the first place. Take a look at the reactions: (Also Read:These Bizarre Noodle-Flavoured Sodas Have Sent Twitter Into A Meltdown) This is not the only dessert to be converted into Chaat. Recently, we had come across a similar Chaat created with Mango Dolly ice cream. Slices of the ice cream were topped with syrup, nuts, and slices of bread in the bizarre creation. Click here to read more. Rasgulla Chaat is just one of the many bizarre recipes out there. There are a variety of eclectic dishes that can be created with Rasgulla, for instance, Rasgulla sabzi. Click here for some interesting Rasgulla recipes you may not have heard of.

Healthy Or Indulgent? This Video Of Broccoli With Cheese Has Confused Reddit

Broccoli is undoubtedly one of the most well-known superfoods. The dark green floret is said to be good for skin health and weight loss too. It is loaded with essential vitamins, minerals as well as plenty of fibre. Since it is low in calories, experts recommend it for those watching their weight. In spite of all its health benefits, broccoli is often shunned for its taste. The vegetable is avoided by foodies due to its bland taste, which is why many recipes attempt to recreate it and make it more palatable. One such video surfaced on Reddit, which showed a bed of Broccoli served with melted cheese on top. Take a look: (Also Read:7 Delicious Ways You Can Include Broccoli InYour Diet) The video was shared by u/Nerdman61 in the sub-Reddit r/StupidFood. It received 5.1k upvotes and hundreds of comments. In the short clip, we could see a plate of boiled Broccoli. Molten cheese was heated in a separate pan and then poured on top of it. The funny thing was that this Broccoli and cheese was touted to be ‘healthy’. “The caption was “Healthy eating for the win,” revealed the user. Reddit users reacted to the video of Broccoli with cheese. While some said that the combination was completely unhealthy, others said that it was actually a great recipe for those on a ketogenic diet. Others were also concerned about the quantity of cheese in the recipe. Take a look at the reactions: What did you think of the Broccoli and cheese recipe? Tell us in the comments below.