From Lemon Rice To Tamarind Rice: 5 South Indian Rice Recipes To Try For A Comforting Meal

When it comes to south Indian food, we all are automatically reminded of a comforting taste with a burst of flavours. While there is no end to what one can quickly whip up in this cuisine, some dishes certainly stand out from others. And one great example for this is the south Indian rice dishes. Rice in south India plays a prominent role; they are almost present in every meal and come in tons of comforting varieties. With a mix of simple yet tasteful ingredients, south Indian rice recipes are easy to make and spell indulgence in every bite. So, if you also want to have the taste of south Indian at your home, check out these rice recipes that you can make in no time. (Also Recipe:7 Biryanis from South India You Shouldn’t Miss, From Hyderabadi to Bhatkali, Beary and More!)Here Are 5 South Indian Rice Recipes | Easy South Indian Rice Recipes1. Lemon Rice This is the ideal quick fix for days when you are tired or can’t find anything to eat in the fridge. To make this dish, all you need is the juice of one or two lemons and the typical seasonings of turmeric, curry leaves, urad dal and mustard. This dish makes a comforting and quick delight to have any moment. For the full recipe, click here.2. Curd Rice There is no one common method to make this. Some might like to have rice mixed with buttermilk; others might mix curd and rice and temper it with classic south Indian flavours. Whatever the method might be to make this dish, the taste is always wholesome. Find the full recipe here.3. Tamarind Rice The spicy and sour taste of this delicious dish certainly makes it a favourite of many. To make this dish, all you need is some cooked rice, whole red chillies, curry leaves, chana dal, peanuts, mustard seeds, heeng, methi seeds, salt, red chilli powder, turmeric powder and jaggery. See the recipe here. (Also Read:The Cult of the ‘Meter Coffee’ from South India & How it Became Popular)4. Coconut Rice In this dish, rice is mixed with freshly grated coconut, cashew nuts, and mild spices in equal oil. This meal goes well with Avial or a spicy gravy and is perfect for special occasions. Check the recipe here.5. Bissi Bele Bhath Bissi Bele Bhath is a popular rice dish in Karnataka. It’s also known as ‘Bisi Bele Huliyanna’ in Kannada, which means ‘hot lentil rice.’ To make this dish, you would need rice, arhar dal, tamarind, jaggery, vegetables, curry leaves, and spices. See the recipe here. So, the next time you crave a quick and comforting meal, try these delicious south Indian rice recipes. Let us know in the comments below which one did you like the best.

Looking For A Calcium-Rich Meal? Try These 7 Desi Foods

Many health-conscious people vouch for kale when it comes to calcium-rich foods. While kale is one of the best sources of calcium, it isn’t the native produce of India. But did you know that India produces a range of foods that are calcium-rich and healthy in many ways? These desi foods remain underrated many times. Here is a list of desi foods that can give you a boost of calcium. Calcium is not only necessary for bone health but also for the functioning of the nervous system. Here are seven calcium-rich Indian foods: 1. Milk Just 100g of milk contains around 125mg of calcium. Unless fat content is a concern, have a glass of cow’s milk to boost your calcium intake. In case you want added benefits like improved gut health, you can also opt for curd. Try this turmeric milk recipe.Milk is considered great for calcium 2. Spinach Or Palak Spinach or palak is a common food in Indian kitchens. 100g of spinach contains 99mg of calcium. Try these spinach and banana pancakes to add health and flavours to regular pancakes. (Also read:6 Foods That Contain More Calcium Than a Glass of Milk) 3. Ragi Ragi, also known as finger millet, is a traditional grain found in India. 100g of ragi contains 344-364mg calcium. This makes it more calcium-rich than milk. It has more health benefits too. Add this ragi dosa to your staple diet without second thoughts.You can make a deliciousragi dosa for calcium 4. Moong Sprouts Various lentils or dal native to India contain high doses of calcium. Moong sprouts are one of them. Add high protein and calcium-rich egg and moong sprouts salad to your diet. Click here for the recipe. 5. Sesame Seeds Or Til Unhulled sesame seeds or til can have 1,160 mg of calcium in just 100g. This makes it one of the most calcium-rich foods. The ingredient is traditionally grown and prepared in many parts of India. Enjoy a hearty and healthy snack with til laddoo.Sesame is one of the most calcium-rich foods 6. Rajma There’s more to rajma than its brilliant taste. Rajma is an excellent source of calcium. Try this rajma chaat recipe. (Also read:Know these Stark Differences Between Calcium and Vitamin D; No, They Aren’t the Same) 7. Jaggery Jaggery, which is found across the country, is a good source of calcium. Its calcium content varies depending on its source. 100g coconut palm jaggery has 1638mg calcium while the same amount of date palm jaggery contains 363mg calcium. Try this gur ka halwa recipe. Jaggery is a good source of calcium Enrich your diet with desi sources of calcium.