Gol Gappa In A Leaf? This Unique Street Food Has The Internet Intrigued (Video Inside)

When you think about chaat, what comes to your mind? Do you think having of sizzling hot tikkis with chutney? Or do you think of sweet and spicy gol gappas? If you are a foodie like us, then you must be thinking of both! There are few places in every city that is knowns for its delicious chaat. Take Chandni chowk, for instance- an extremely popular market in the old areas of thr city of Delhi. Chandni Chowk is synonymous to food – paranthas, chole bhature, lassi, chaat papdi, butter chicken, chicken tikka, biryani – you name any North Indian food and people will know that it can be found in Chandni Chowk. And the taste! Each and every dish is more scrumptious than the other! One can say this market is a foodie’s heaven. An Instagram video of an extremely popular chaat has surfaced on the internet and this yummy delicacy can be found at the heart of Chandi Chowk. Wondering what this dish this? It is none other than gol gappa! Here’s the video: Just thinking about gol gappas can make us salivate but watching has made us crave it more. In this video, we see gol gappas being made in a different way than the method that we all are familiar with. The gol gappas are filled with mashed aloo and channa stuffing and then they are dipped in sweet yoghurt. These gol gappas are topped off with a sprinkle of chaat masala and served in the most unique way we have ever seen, in leaves! You heard it right! This video was uploaded by Instagram food blogger @oye.foodieee. It has 2.1 million views and 85k likes. Also Read:Want To Experiment With Pani Puri? Here’s A Recipe That Has A Pineapple Twist Known as bharwa gol gappas, this popular chaat is served in a leaf at Padam Chaat Corner, Chandni Chowk. You might know bharwa gol gappas as dahi puris as well. The appeal of gol gappas served in a leaf has brought a lot attention to this dish as it makes it look even tastier! Who thought gol gappa could look tastier than they already do? Would you be interested in trying this gol gappas served in a leaf? Do tell us in the comments section below!

Kanda-Batata Poha: Try This Classic Maharashtrian Poha For A Wholesome Breakfast Meal

Poha is one of India’s most popular breakfast dishes. There’s a reason poha is regarded as the ideal breakfast food and has garnered popularity around the country. For starters, it’s very simple to make, and even the most inexperienced cook can’t go wrong with any basic poha recipe. But if you are one of those who like to experiment, we are sure that you must have tried many variations in this dish. Whether it’s the Bengal’s Doi Chire, Goan-style dhayanche fov (curd poha), Nagpur’s famous Tari Poha or a sweet poha from Gujarat, there are endless options to this delight. So to introduce you to yet another poha dish, here we bring you Maharashtra’s specialty- Kanda Batata Poha! As the name suggests, this poha recipe is a mix of onions and potatoes with other ingredients and has a lip-smacking taste to it. (Also Read:Different States, Different Specialities: 5 Poha Recipes From Across India To Spruce Up Your Breakfast) To make this dish, all you need to do is make the poha, mix it with veggies, crunchy potatoes, masalas, peanuts, curry leaves and top it with loads of Kanda and crispy sev to enjoy! Pair this dish with green chutney and a delicious cup of chai for maximum indulgence. So, without waiting, let us see how to make this yummy dish.How To Make Kanda-Batata Poha | Kanda-Batata Poha Recipe To make this dish, first, add peanuts and curry leaves in a Kadai. Once it starts spluttering, add in finely chopped onion and mix. Then throw in masalas like salt, pepper and red chilli powder and combine again. Now add chopped potatoes and cook till it’s soft. Once done, add the washed poha. Mix again. Pour some lemon juice from the top and cook on medium to low heat. When it cooks, take it out in a bowl and top it with sev and kanda. Enjoy this with a cup of chai! (Also Read:Healthy Breakfast: Give Regular Poha A Unique Spin With This Oatmeal Poha Recipe) For the full recipe of Kanda batata poha, click here. Make this yummy poha recipe, and let us know how you liked the taste of it.