“Good Food Equals To Good Mood”; Here’s What Madhuri Dixit-Nene Had To Boost Her Spirits

When we eat well, we feel good! And Sundays call for lip-smacking food when we just want to relax and treat ourselves to the delicious fare. Looks like actress Madhuri Dixit-Nene shares the same sentiment. Madhuri relished a hearty meal on Sunday and shared an image of the same on Instagram. The post features a yummy food platter that looks like all things tasty and healthy. On the platter, we could spot some delectable vegetables including chopped zucchini. We could also see lip-smacking pan sushi on the side. There’s also preparation of Faba beans. Madhuri captioned the image, “Good food = Good mood” and used the hashtags, ‘Sundayfunday’ and ‘Sunday meal’. In an earlier post, Madhuri had uploaded an image of her sitting in front of a plate full of vegetables that were kept on a table. On the plate, we could see watermelon, orange, chikoo among other fruits. Apart from fruits and green vegetables, Madhuri also takes her tea very seriously. We are not saying this. The actress herself expressed it in one of her Instagram posts. On the occasion of International Tea Day, Madhuri posted a picture with her teacup. In the caption, she wrote, “I take my tea very seriously. Are you a tea or a coffee person?” Madhuri does believe in the goodness of coconut and its health benefits. She once posted a picture with coconut and wrote, “Living that coconut kinda life.” Earlier, in April, Madhuri’s husband, Dr Sriram Nene, had shared two pizza recipes. He had made Margherita pizza using ‘matured cheddar’ since he is lactose intolerant. In this, he added parmesan Reggiano that his children love, to give a very truffle-like flavour to the pizza. He added tomato sauce, sprinkled some oregano, followed by garlic mince, buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil, shredded mozzarella, chilli flakes and finally baked it. For the Keto version of the pizza, he first puts tomato sauce on the base, followed by low-carb matured cheddar, a bit of mozzarella, oregano, salt and pepper, olive oil, basil leaves and chillies. In the end, Madhuri tastes the pizzas. Click here to know her verdict. We must say Madhuri Dixit does eat healthily, and that’s probably the reason why she always looks graceful and fit.

Wait, What? Viral Video Of Snake Cake Has The Internet Stunned

If there’s one thing that we all love with all our hearts, it has to be cake! Years of culinary experimentations have not only given us new and delicious cake flavours, but has also made cake a piece of art. Bakers from all around the world have taken up the challenge of turning almost anything into a cake. We find this so entertaining that we have TV shows like Nailed It, Cake Boss and Baking Impossible that work on the plot to bake the most intriguing and creative desserts! Our love for baking helped us discover a mind-blowing video that has us amazed and we are sure it will amaze you too. The trend of turning cakes into real-life objects was taken on another level by Chef Natalie Sideserf. Here’s the video: American Chef Natalie Sideserf posted this video on her Instagram account @sideserfcakes. The clip featured a banana python snake, but a few seconds later she cuts into the snake and shows that the snake is actually a cake! This moment of realization that the snake is a realistic cake has the internet’s mind-blown. Had she not cut the cake in half, nobody would be able to understand that it was not a real snake, that’s how realistic the “snake cake” looks. This viral video has over 1.5 million views and 117k likes! Natalie Sideserf is known for making realistic cakes like these, she has even managed to make a cake look like a hairy, used brush! Take a look yourself: The internet is surely divided about their opinion on these realistic cakes. Some consider it an artistic marvel while others disapprove of the idea of turning cakes into real objects. What do you feel? Would be interested in taking a bite of the ‘snake cake’ or would you be too scared to even take a bite? Tell us how you feel in the comments section below!

Savour Delicious Desi Food With A Twist At Dhansoo Cafe, Gurugram

When it’s about experimenting with food, hardly any other place is as surprising as Delhi NCR. Food in Delhi NCR has evolved to cater to almost everyone, from those looking to grab quick bites to even those who love to party the weekend away. From happening party places of South Delhi to the Gurugram’s bustling streets, you just can never be out of options. So, we recently visited dhansoo cafe located in ambience mall Gurugram. And what we experienced there was nothing less than a culinary wonder on our taste buds. Keeping the essence of the cuisine alive, dhansoo cafe delivers authentic recipes alongside some contemporary ones with a modern style of cooking. Each and every dish on the menu pleased our taste buds. All the dishes were cooked to perfection creating a harmony between flavours and texture. Mushroom chimichurri and keema pav alongside piquant garlic chutney gave our meal a great start and charged up our appetite. Trust us, for vegetarians, keema pav (vegan) and mushroom chimichurri are two dishes that are no less than heaven on the taste buds. Then, we had oven roasted chicken BBQ and south Indian style Kochi prawn curry with biryani rice and coconut chutney that made us drool. This wholesome meal was served along with two tangy drinks- kala jadu and pineapple. The hearty flavours of these drinks are sure to tug at your heart strings. We concluded the meal with the yadoon ka churma along with barfiand three different types of ice creams with very different flavours. While the Roti churma elegantly treated our taste buds with its crunchy and perfect texture, the homemade ice cream won our heart not just by its creamy and unique flavours, but also by its super soft and luscious texture. If you are going to Dhansoo Cafe any time soon, you might not just get delighted by their desi recipes, but also end up licking your fingers because of some of the most quintessential dishes served just right in front of you. Where: Dhansoo Cafe, Ambience Mall, Gurugram Price: Rs. 2000 for two people (approx)