This Corn Cheese Cocktail Samosa By Chef Saransh Goila Is Made Of Papad; Take A Look.

Have you ever taken two different delicious food items and combined them to make an even better dish? Well, if you haven’t, chef Saransh Goila shows you how to do it. Papad and samosas are two different items that you relish while having different meals. But Saransh Goila has turned papad into lip-smacking samosas! Difficult to imagine? He prepared corn cheese cocktail samosas using papad. He demonstrated the entire process in an Instagram video. In the caption, Saransh Goila wrote, “We tried a corn cheese cocktail samosa by using papad like a samosa patti.” (Also read:Hold On! Have You Heard Of A ‘No Bun Burger’? Try This Recipe By Celebrity Chef Saransh Goila) He added, “A very important step is to dork the papad with a knife or a fork, else it’ll be soft and soggy because of the steam created while frying!” Here’s what Saransh Goila used for his papad cocktail samosa: 1) Six papad For the filling: 1) Paneer 100 g 2) Corn (blanched) 100 g 3) Cheese 100 g 4) Green Chilli – 2 5) Onion chopped – 1 6) Coriander 2 tbsp 7) Salt 2 tbsp Procedure 1) First divide each papad into half. Now, dork the papad (very important). 2) Fold each and every semi-circle (of papad) into the shape of cones. Keep them aside. 3) Now, take paneer, corn (blanched), cheese, green chili, chopped onion, coriander and salt and mix them all together. This is for the filling. 4) Then, take the papad cones and fill them with the stuffing you prepared. Basically, stuff the samosas and seal. 5) Deep fry on medium flame. Papad cocktail samosas are ready! Take a look at the video: Being a foodie, is there anything more satisfying than sipping a glass of sumptuous lassi? Nothing beats a glass full of fresh lassi. Some time ago, Saransh Goila shared an easy malai lassi recipe on Instagram. The best part is that you can make this lassi with ingredients easily available at home. Saransh Goila added crushed ice in a big glass and topped it with curd or malai. He then added sugar and a few drops of rose water and mixed the ingredients well. And with that, Malai lassi was ready! Read more about it here. Coming back to his papad cocktail samosas, next time whenever you crave a snack, do give it a try.

Watch: How To Make Mohanthal – A Traditional Sweet Dish From Gujarat

Gujarati cuisine is as rich and extensive as its culture. It has a history of its own that goes back to a thousand years. So, if you think that you have tried Gujarati cuisine extensively, then you might be a bit wrong here – as this cuisine has much more to offer than you could imagine. The very idea of Gujarati cuisine reminds us of dhokla, fafda, jalebi, undhiyu et al. We agree each of these dishes help define Gujarati food culture, but trust us, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, you would be surprised to know that flavours here vary widely depending on which region in Gujarat you are in. North Gujarat, South Gujarat, Kachch, Kathiawad – each region adds its unique flavour to Gujarati cuisine. This subsequently leads to origin of various popular and lesser-known Gujarati recipes. One such classic Gujarati dish is mohanthal. It is a traditional Gujarati sweet dish that is made with besan, ghee, sugar and nuts. It is rich, delicious and melts in our mouth in just no time. It has a unique creamy taste that leaves a strong impression on every palate. And this is why mohanthal holds a constant position in the dessert spread at every festival or special occasion. This Diwali, let’s prepare mohanthal at home to amp up the festive spread without much effort. We found the classic mohanthal recipe, shared by food vlogger Parul on her YouTube channel Cook With Parul. Let’s take a look. Also Read:Indian Cooking Tips: How To Make Panki – A Gujarati Dish Made In Banana LeafHow To Make Gujarati-Special Mohanthal:Take besan flour in a bowl and add a mix of doodh and ghee to it. Mix everything well. Rest is for 10 minutes.Now transfer the mix in a grinding jar and blend.Add ghee in a kadhai and pour the ground besan. Stir continuously. Cook until it turns soft and fluffy.Slowly add milk and stir to get the soft and creamy texture.When the mix releases oil, switch off the flame and stir for some time.Grease barfi tray and place butter paper. Keep aside.Make sugar syrup and add to the besan mix and cook for a minute.Transfer the mix it the tray and let it set.Add silver leaf on it and cut into barfi. Delicious mohanthal is ready for indulgence. The best part is, you can store this mohanthal for up to 10 days.Watch The Step-By-Step Recipe Video Of Mohanthal Here: Also Read:Dhokla, Fafda and more: 5 Delicious Gujarati Street Food Recipes You Must Try

Illiterati Books And Coffee, McLeodganj, Soon To Close Its Doors

When in McLeodganj, it’s hard to miss out on the Illiterati Books and Coffee. Tucked in the bylanes of McLeodganj, this café is best known for its breathtaking views, warm hospitality, love for books and delicious meals. If you have ever passed through this café, the long waiting line outside will best explain the excitement that the customers feel to have a heavenly experience. Every day, a diverse group of visitors, locals, travellers, and working professionals flock to the cafe for indulging in a range of things. Some people also spend hours exploring through the books that line the shelves, others just come for a simple cup of coffee and admire the scenic beauty of Dhaulandar range. As Illiterati Books and Coffeehas served its visitors for a decade, the café is finally closing its door from its popular location. Posting on their Instagram, they said, “A decade after first opening our doors, the time has come for us to embrace this concept and on 31st October, 2021 we will be practicing non-attachment by closing our doors.” Take a look: Ever since the post was made, many people have reacted to it. One user said, “As much as I want to cry upon this end to your journey I wish you new journey and wish to make new memories. You will always be remembered with a smile on my face.” Another user added, “it will be sad to see you leave, we have you in our hearts and in memories.” Some people have also given their best wishes to the owner and the staff. As many people reacted to the post,IlliteratiBooks and Café further clarified that “Illiterati isn’t closing for good and Illiterati isn’t being sold nor is it up for sale. Our time at the present location has come to an end and it is as simple as that.”

Healthy Or Indulgent? This Video Of Broccoli With Cheese Has Confused Reddit

Broccoli is undoubtedly one of the most well-known superfoods. The dark green floret is said to be good for skin health and weight loss too. It is loaded with essential vitamins, minerals as well as plenty of fibre. Since it is low in calories, experts recommend it for those watching their weight. In spite of all its health benefits, broccoli is often shunned for its taste. The vegetable is avoided by foodies due to its bland taste, which is why many recipes attempt to recreate it and make it more palatable. One such video surfaced on Reddit, which showed a bed of Broccoli served with melted cheese on top. Take a look: (Also Read:7 Delicious Ways You Can Include Broccoli InYour Diet) The video was shared by u/Nerdman61 in the sub-Reddit r/StupidFood. It received 5.1k upvotes and hundreds of comments. In the short clip, we could see a plate of boiled Broccoli. Molten cheese was heated in a separate pan and then poured on top of it. The funny thing was that this Broccoli and cheese was touted to be ‘healthy’. “The caption was “Healthy eating for the win,” revealed the user. Reddit users reacted to the video of Broccoli with cheese. While some said that the combination was completely unhealthy, others said that it was actually a great recipe for those on a ketogenic diet. Others were also concerned about the quantity of cheese in the recipe. Take a look at the reactions: What did you think of the Broccoli and cheese recipe? Tell us in the comments below.