Coffee And Lemon Juice For Weight Loss: Experts Talk About Latest Hack

Weight loss isn’t just about tweaking the diet temporarily but about making major lifestyle changes that can be sustained for the long run. As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” In the quest to lose weight, we often come across several tips and tricks on the internet. These are easy hacks that can be incorporated into our daily routines and claim to speed up weight loss. One such recent weight loss hack is the coffee and lemon juice hack. Videos on social media claim that this concoction can speed up weight loss if consumed early in the morning. Take a look: The videos of coffee and lemon juice have taken social media by storm. Several fitness bloggers shared their experiences with the hack, claiming that this simple hack burned fat and helped shed excess kilos. Videos of ‘before’ and ‘after’ were widely circulated, with many people claiming that this combination of coffee with lemon juice made a significant impact on their weight loss journey. But does this hack really work? Lemon juice is said to help boost metabolism and aid the weight loss journey. Nutritionists do recommend starting the day with lukewarm water and a squeeze of lemon juice to aid the weight loss journey. Coffee too has been mentioned in several studies to increase fat oxidation. (Also Read:Here’s How Adding Cinnamon To Your Coffee Can Spruce Up Both Its Flavour And Health Quotient) However, experts say that coffee and lemon juice is not the only thing required for weight loss. Nutritionist and Macrobiotic Health Coach Shilpa Arora says, “There is no magic bullet or pill for weight loss. Add that lemon to your coffee, however, that’s not the only thing.” Shalini Arvind, Chief Dietician at Fortis Hospitals, Bannerghatta Road says, “Adding lemon juice to coffee is just another trend with no scientific basis to it. Crash diets and trends only result in malnourishment and unhealthy fat loss, with people gaining double of what they’ve lost once off the diet.” (Also Read:5 Healthy Diet Facts That Anyone Wanting To Lose Weight Must Know) Weight loss: Adding lemon juice to your coffeeis not the ideal way to lose weight. But is there any specific harm in consuming coffee with lemon juice? Arvind reveals, “Coffee is a stimulant that also causes dizziness, headachesand when one stops taking it abruptly it may cause withdrawals. People may increase their coffee intake disregarding the safe limitation of consuming no more than 300 mg caffeinedaily. This might lead to dehydration as coffee is diarrheic and could also interfere with the absorption of calcium and iron in the body.” Similarly, too much lemon juice may also cause issues. “Intake of excess lemon juice may aggravate acidity problemsamongs people. In general, consuming lemon is good if in the required quantity as it is rich in vitamin C and also helps absorb iron, but when added to caffeine, it holds no added benefits,” concludes Arvind. What is the right way to lose weight then? “Strong willpower, calorie deficit in a healthy way, and routine exercises, teamed with the right guidance of a dietician, are the only way of achieving healthy weight loss,” recommends Arvind. “Weight loss is a culmination of long term clean eating, exercising, sleeping well, balancing hormones with sufficient vitamin D. Yoga and movement is also necessary for an active thyroid,” adds Shilpa Arora. (Also Read:5 Common Weight Loss Mistakes After 5pm As Per Nutritionist’s Viral Video) Weight Loss: It is better to follow expert-recommended diet plan for weight loss. Thus, coffee and lemon juice is no guarantee of weight loss. Eat a balanced diet and consume everything in moderation, do not rely on diet fads or weight loss hacks online. There are a number of factors to be considered as part of a diet plan to lose weight. In case of any confusion, it is always a good idea to consult a qualified expert or nutritionist. Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

Mouni Roy Starts Off The Week With Everything Delicious And Italian

Wait, is Mouni Roy indulgingin some delicious food again? Well, her social media posts suggest so!There’s a guiltless foodie in the actress and we all know it. But Mouni’s bias for Italian cuisine is what makes her more relatable to us. Recently, the actress went on an outing with singer and music director Manmeet Singh, one of the Meet Bros duo. But outings are boring for Mouni without some good food. So, she indulged in delectable cheesy pizza and a mouth-watering dish of spaghetti. Mouni excitedly wrote, “Truffle truffle.” She also posted a video of an orange drink on the table and Manmeet by her side. We are sure that the friends had a scrumptious meal together. Mouni enjoyed some delicious pizza and pastaMouni also posted a picture of these deliciousbreads Mouni drove us crazy with her recent food photo dump. She compiled photos from her food trips and posted them on Instagram. Her list runs long. We see delicious spaghetti, pizza and pasta. Her adventure continues to crispy grilled sandwiches, burgers, and irresistible desserts along with some drinks. There are also salads loaded with a lot of greens. Mouni also included a photo of a lip-smacking papri chaat. Can’t resist it, right? Mouni wrote, “Woke up thinking about (food emoji).” Have a look at Mouni’s food video: Mouni and Manmeet Singh often catch up over food. Earlier this year, the two had a fantastic treat for themselves. The singer had himself cooked for Mouni. It was an unforgettable platter of herbed rice, sautéed broccoli, some Indian bread, a dessert and a white chutney. A chocolate cake awaited Mouni after this filling dinner. This is what we call a perfect dinner. Read more about it here. (Also read:Mouni Roy Can’t Do Without THIS Popular Food; Can You Guess?) Mouni can often pamper her sweet tooth too. What does she do then? She indulges in a plate of colourful sweet macaroons and pastries. Don’t believe us? Check out this post from her Instagram page: (Also read:Mouni Roy’s Decadent Indulgence In Dubai Is Making Us Crave Some Too (See Pics)) But she keeps going back to pizza and spaghetti. During her Ukraine trip, Mouni turned into a traveller, fashionista and foodie all at once. In her photo dump from Odessa, we see her diving into a delicious thick crust pizza and a delicious-looking dish of spaghetti. Mouni Roy will never stop fascinating us with her food diaries.