3 Delicious Sundal Recipes: A Quick, Nutritious South Indian Snack To Enjoy With Tea

South Indian cuisine has a myriad of dishes that offers a new taste in every meal. From drinks to snacks and to the main dish, there is no end to what all we can cook in just a few minutes. Plus, with the flavours of mustard, curry leaves, crunchy dal, coconut and peanuts, every south Indian meal becomes heavenly and we can’t help but indulge in this matrimony of spices. While we all have had enjoyed various south Indian snacks and main course dishes, here we bring you a new recipe of yet another delicious snack from down south – sundal, a popular snack that can be made using just a few ingredients. (Also Read:Looking To Make An Easy Dessert? Try Ney Appam Recipe – A Speciality From South India) Sundal can be cooked with various legumes, including kidney beans, chickpeas, green gram, black-eyed peas, and other ingredients. After preparing a legume base, this snack is tempered with spices, urad and chana dal, to give it a kick in flavour. At the end, sundal is garnished with grated coconut that compliments it perfectly. So, for you to indulge in the goodness of sundal, today we bring you three sundal recipes that you can quickly whip up and enjoy with your tea! (Also Read:How To Make Lemon Rice – A Wholesome And Yummy Dish From South India)Here Are 3 Sundal Recipes | Easy Sundal Recipes1. Chana Dal Sundal This sundal recipe is the most popular. It is made using chickpeas and loaded with nutrients and flavours. In this dish, boiled chana is mixed with subtle masalas, dal, curry leaves, and coconut that amps up its taste. This dish can be made in just a few minutes. For the full recipe of chana dal sundal, click here.2. Peanut Sundal Peanut Sundal can said to be peanut chaat with mustard, curry leaves, and grated coconut. A bite into this snack and it will directly remind you of the coastal areas of south India. This dish is a famous tea time snack that is also served as Navratri Prasad during festivities. See the full recipe here.3. Rajma Sundal If you have leftover rajma from last night, then the rajma sundal is a must-try. Rajma is a common ingredient in Indian cooking. This legume can easily be found in markets or in stores and has tons of benefits to it. All you need is basic home ingredients, and this snack will be ready in just 10 minutes. Find the full recipe here. Make these three delicious sundal recipes and enjoy them with your tea! Let us know in the comments below which one did you like the best.

Sayani Gupta’s Splendid Egyptian Feast On The Nile Is Too Good To Miss

Sayani Gupta is a foodie and there is enough proof of this on her Instagram timeline. From images of cheesy burgers to homemade Indian classic dishes, the actress often shares food-related posts. Now, with the actress being on a holiday with her girl pals in Egypt, Sayani has been posting regular pictures of the amazing spread that she has been treating herself to. On Sunday, Sayani shared an image from a boat on the river Nile and needless to say, it was a photo with loads of food. Sharing the picture, the Fan actress wrote, “Mother Nile. Providing for centuries.” From baba ghanoush to fatta, we could identify a variety of classic dishes in the Instagram Stories post. The one dish that caught our eye immediately was the plate of amazing kebabs placed right next to a rich bowl of decadent meat curry, which was in a glistening shade of maroon. Along with it, we also saw a large serving of baba ghanoush and fatta, which is a rice preparation. In addition to a salad, Sayani Gupta’s meal also seemed to consist of some local bread. Take a look:Instagram story by Sayani Gupta Sayani Gupta is currently vacationing in Egypt with her friends Mini Mathur, Reshmy Kurian and Smriti Kiran. Last week, Mini Mathur too shared a foodie update from the holiday. The TV personality dropped a video about the amazing delicacies that they were devouring by the Nile. She listed the dishes that the group indulged in and it included hummus, baba ghanoush, labneh, walnut muhammara, kofte, semak, tabouleh, fattoush salad and baldi bread. Sounds like a spread fit for royalty, doesn’t it? Sayani Gupta, meanwhile, has often shared posts about her love for food. A few weeks ago, the actress uploaded an image of her cheat meal. In a note, she added that she had chosen to break her “no-carb” streak of two months with a burger, fried chicken and French fries. “Worked hard to earn it…now back to the grind,” wrote Sayani. (Also Read:Sayani Gupta Cooked Bengali Fish Curry For Lunch And It’s Making Us Hungry) While Sayani Gupta’s post has left us all hungry, all we can ask her is to keep the food photos coming our way.

Vitamin B5 Foods: 5 Foods That May Boost Your Vitamin B5

Do you feel irritated and tired most of the time? Do you go through intestinal problems and a headache more often? Well, if that’s the case, then take these as signs of your body asking you to load up on enough nutrients. While there are many nutrients to gain to have a healthy bodily function there are certain nutrients that often gets ignored. One such nutrient being, vitamin B5. Now, if you are wondering what all this nutrient is about, then let us tell you- vitamin B5 helps to convert foods into glucose, stimulates certain hormones and promotes the formation of red blood cells. Even though the deficiency of vitamin B5 is rare, if it occurs, it can cause many problems. (Also Read:Vitamin B-12 Deficiency: Signs, Symptoms And Foods To Eat To Avoid The Condition) According to National Centre For Biotechnology Information, “B5 deficiency is generally rare since the vitamin is present in many foods. However, it can be present in people with severe malnutrition. An individual with vitamin B5 deficiency commonly has deficiencies in other nutrients, which can make it challenging to identify the effects that are specific to vitamin B5 deficiency.” So, if you want to add vitamin B5 to your diet, then check out these foods that can help with the same.Here Are 5 Foods For Vitamin B5 | Vitamin B5 Foods1. Chicken Chicken is a widely eaten and available protein that most of us love to have in many forms. This protein is rich in pantothenic acid and is also rich in other vitamins such as vitamin B6. So, have chicken in gravies, curries or tikkas and load up on vitamin B5.2. Milk Milk is a very nutritious food because it contains a lot of protein and a lot of minerals and vitamins. According to a study, it is also one of the sources of pantothenic acid, where one cup of milk contains 18% of your daily requirement of vitamin B5.3. Peanuts Peanuts are incredibly nutritious due to their high mineral and vitamin content. These are also a good source of vitamin B5 acid. Peanuts can be easily also added to your diet and mixed in any dish. You can also have some peanuts just as it is. 4. Oats Oats are also high in B5. Overall, oats are one of the healthiest grains because they are high in vitamins, minerals, fibre, and antioxidants. You can easily add oats to your diet, either by making masala oats or having overnight oats. There are many other delicious ways as well to add it to your diet.5. Broccoli Broccoli is another nutrient-dense vegetable that is known to be high in B5. Even though, some of us may not like to have this vegetable, let us tell you that it has many benefits to it. This low-calorie vegetable is also high in minerals and vitamins such as vitamin C, manganese, potassium, folate, vitamin A, and vitamin K. So, what are you waiting for? Add these foods to your diet and gain vitamin B5! Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.