7 Ways To Manage Blood Sugar Levels During This Festive Season

With plenty of festivals coming our way, there’s a feeling of joy filling up the air for it is time to celebrate and break free from monotonous life to create a sense of cheer and uniting us all for the love of delightful mouth-watering sweets, treats, gifts and merry. For people with diabetes, however, festivals may seem a little different. Dietary restrictions may have some of you sacrifice your favorite food to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. But there are ways to enjoy festivals and celebrate them without giving up while keeping your blood sugar values in control.Here are 7 simple ways to manage blood sugar levels this festive season:1. Medicines and Monitoring – Medicines for a diabetic person are important to regulate and control their blood sugar spikes – festive seasons are tempting and it is easy to fall prey to some desserts or even lose track of your blood sugar values while trying different foods at a get-together celebration. Hence if you are diabetic and on meds or insulin, please ensure that you take them on time. It is also advisable to regularly monitor your blood sugar values. Medicines are important to regulate blood sugar2. Hydration – Lack of ample fluids in the body can lead to severe complications, especially for diabetics. Hence, watch out for certain signs of dehydration like extreme fatigue, dark yellow urine, unexplained headaches, etc. Regularly drink coconut water, buttermilk, plain water, etc. Additionally, adequate water intake is crucial for healthy metabolism and detox and reduces the urge to have sugary & salty food. (Also read:6 Sneaky Foods That Raise Your Blood Sugar Levels the Most)3. Plan Ahead – Plan what you eat when gathered for a celebration – pick your starters, dips, sauces carefully on the basis of hidden sugars, salt, calories, etc that you know of. Read the nutrition label wherever available to decide if you can eat that. This habit is important to help you enjoy your gathering without compromising on health.Plan ahead of the festive binge4. What to eat – This could be particularly difficult for diabetics, especially while everyone around you is enjoying delicacies. But it is essential to keep a watch on what you eat and what you drink. Resort to a diet rich in healthy fats and dietary fibres; make healthy swaps like replacing rice with cauli rice. Make your dips and sauces at home to avoid excess additives and unnecessary sugar and refined products. Try making your fermented drink like kombucha at home and ensure you consume a variety of probiotics during this season to keep your gut healthy.5. What to avoid – To begin with, avoid smoking and consuming alcohol. Avoid packaged bread, bakery products, cookies, etc at all costs. Say a big ‘NO’ to aerated beverages as well. They can cause a big increase in your blood sugar values and ruin your diabetes management plan. Avoid unhealthy and junk food6. Physical Activity – If there is one important tool to fight your diabetes other than food, then being physically active is one way- find time for activities like walking after meals, going for a quick run, even swimming or dancing, etc., will help manage your blood sugar values. (Also read:Diabetes Diet: 7 Foods That Can Help Control Your Blood Sugar Levels Naturally)7. Stay Calm and get back on track – We are all humans at the end of the day and despite all the planning and decisions, we fall for those soft perfectly looking Gulab jamun, giving into temptation and indulging a bit. Don’t beat yourself up, stay calm. Try to get back on track as the season is over, if needed, check with your doctor. Get back to your healthy diet once the season is over Despite all the tempting goodies around and the very delight of the festive season, it is still possible for a diabetic to enjoy the festive season merrily. Just design a workable plan, stick to it as much as you can, relax, meditate and you will have amazing celebrations. Author Bio:Vivek Subramanyam is the Founder & CEO atLiveAltLife. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the author. NDTV is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of any information on this article. All information is provided on an as-is basis. The information, facts or opinions appearing in the article do not reflect the views of NDTV and NDTV does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same.

Wait, What? Viral Video Of Snake Cake Has The Internet Stunned

If there’s one thing that we all love with all our hearts, it has to be cake! Years of culinary experimentations have not only given us new and delicious cake flavours, but has also made cake a piece of art. Bakers from all around the world have taken up the challenge of turning almost anything into a cake. We find this so entertaining that we have TV shows like Nailed It, Cake Boss and Baking Impossible that work on the plot to bake the most intriguing and creative desserts! Our love for baking helped us discover a mind-blowing video that has us amazed and we are sure it will amaze you too. The trend of turning cakes into real-life objects was taken on another level by Chef Natalie Sideserf. Here’s the video: American Chef Natalie Sideserf posted this video on her Instagram account @sideserfcakes. The clip featured a banana python snake, but a few seconds later she cuts into the snake and shows that the snake is actually a cake! This moment of realization that the snake is a realistic cake has the internet’s mind-blown. Had she not cut the cake in half, nobody would be able to understand that it was not a real snake, that’s how realistic the “snake cake” looks. This viral video has over 1.5 million views and 117k likes! Natalie Sideserf is known for making realistic cakes like these, she has even managed to make a cake look like a hairy, used brush! Take a look yourself: The internet is surely divided about their opinion on these realistic cakes. Some consider it an artistic marvel while others disapprove of the idea of turning cakes into real objects. What do you feel? Would be interested in taking a bite of the ‘snake cake’ or would you be too scared to even take a bite? Tell us how you feel in the comments section below!

Viral Video: Ghaziabad Street Food Vendor Makes Cheela With Bare Hands

Street food is one genre of food that Indians swear by every time. India’s love for street food is evident from the fact that there are vendors and hawkers found practically at every corner. Whether it’s chaat, momos, sandwich, or even Hakka noodles – there are a variety of cuisines that are available at roadside eateries. Each street food vendor tries to make something different that will set him apart from the others. This Ghaziabad vendor, for instance, has a unique selling proposition – he makes the much-loved Cheela with his bare hands! Watch the video and see for yourself: (Also Read:Do You Know How Soan Papdi Is Made? Viral Video Shows The Process) The clip of the Ghaziabad vendor was shared on YouTube by food blogger Amar Sirohi, also known by his handle @foodieincarnate. The video has gone viral and raked in over 1.5 million views in just 2 days. It was also among YouTube’s top trending videos in India. In the clip, we see the Ghaziabad vendor making cheela with his bare hands. He starts by pouring the batter onto a heated griddle. The fact that he is using his hands and not any spatula or ladle makes the process quite interesting. Next, he adds in a range of vegetables and mixes them by hand for the filling of the cheela. Then, this mixture is spread throughout the Cheela, which is then flipped with a cube of butter on top. The crispy and fulfilling cheela is cut into four parts and served with delicious chutneys! The skill and dexterity of the Ghaziabad vendor mesmerised YouTube users. Comments and reactions poured into the video shared by the food blogger. “Thank god it’s without cheese,” wrote one user while another said, “maintain proper hygiene in making this recipe.” This is not the only unique creation by a street food vendor to have gone viral. Recently, a Surat-based created an Ice Gola weighing 5kgs with multiple delicious ingredients – a video that stunned the internet. Click here to read more about it.

Sayani Gupta’s Splendid Egyptian Feast On The Nile Is Too Good To Miss

Sayani Gupta is a foodie and there is enough proof of this on her Instagram timeline. From images of cheesy burgers to homemade Indian classic dishes, the actress often shares food-related posts. Now, with the actress being on a holiday with her girl pals in Egypt, Sayani has been posting regular pictures of the amazing spread that she has been treating herself to. On Sunday, Sayani shared an image from a boat on the river Nile and needless to say, it was a photo with loads of food. Sharing the picture, the Fan actress wrote, “Mother Nile. Providing for centuries.” From baba ghanoush to fatta, we could identify a variety of classic dishes in the Instagram Stories post. The one dish that caught our eye immediately was the plate of amazing kebabs placed right next to a rich bowl of decadent meat curry, which was in a glistening shade of maroon. Along with it, we also saw a large serving of baba ghanoush and fatta, which is a rice preparation. In addition to a salad, Sayani Gupta’s meal also seemed to consist of some local bread. Take a look:Instagram story by Sayani Gupta Sayani Gupta is currently vacationing in Egypt with her friends Mini Mathur, Reshmy Kurian and Smriti Kiran. Last week, Mini Mathur too shared a foodie update from the holiday. The TV personality dropped a video about the amazing delicacies that they were devouring by the Nile. She listed the dishes that the group indulged in and it included hummus, baba ghanoush, labneh, walnut muhammara, kofte, semak, tabouleh, fattoush salad and baldi bread. Sounds like a spread fit for royalty, doesn’t it? Sayani Gupta, meanwhile, has often shared posts about her love for food. A few weeks ago, the actress uploaded an image of her cheat meal. In a note, she added that she had chosen to break her “no-carb” streak of two months with a burger, fried chicken and French fries. “Worked hard to earn it…now back to the grind,” wrote Sayani. (Also Read:Sayani Gupta Cooked Bengali Fish Curry For Lunch And It’s Making Us Hungry) While Sayani Gupta’s post has left us all hungry, all we can ask her is to keep the food photos coming our way.

Diwali Special: How To Make Kaju Katli For This Festive Season

Diwali 2021: The festival of lights is here! Our streets, malls, offices and homes are decorated with diyas and lights and there is a certain festive cheer surrounding the entire nation! Along with the shimmering lights and striking decorations, if there is one other thing that completes the festivities, it has to be the yummy sweets. Diwali feast is all about different kinds of sweetmeats and if you ask us, Kaju Katli is undeniably one of the most famous sweets associated with the festival. Exquisite and decadent, these melt-in-the-mouth barfis find their way into the quintessential Diwali sweet platter every single time. And if you are a Kaju katli lover, we’ve got some good news for you! This time, you don’t need to line up in front of sweet shops for hours to get your hands on the best Kaju katli out there. Because with this easy recipe, you can make soft and delicious barfi’s like the restaurants, right from the comfort of your own kitchen!Kaju Katli is a famous Diwali sweet (Also read:Diwali 2021: 5 Diwali Desserts You Only Need 3 Ingredients To Make) Making homemade Kaju Katli doesn’t only ensure the most divine tasting katli but also is much healthier than the ones found in the markets. You can use as many or few toppings as you want – customise the homemade ones according to your liking and have the freshest batch right off the stove. Made with just 5 major ingredients, these sweets are sure to impress guests and visitors. Layer the silver varq (silver sheet) on top and give the katli a restaurant-like look.Diwali Special: How To Make Kaju Katli At Home l Homemade Kaju Katli Recipe: Prepare sugar syrup by heating water, sugar and saffron in a pan. Add the crushed cashew powder and mix well. Spread the dough on a plain surface. Freeze and cut into diamond shaped slices and serve. Click here for the full recipe of homemade Kaju Katli Try making this Diwali favorite at home; let us know how it turns out in the comments below.Happy Diwali 2021!

‘Hung Up On Chocolate’: Kajol’s Sweet Indulgences Will Give You Cravings

Kajol has always impressed us with her acting skills and unabashed nature. Even when it comes to food, the actress has never shied away from showing her unabashed love for anything that’s tasty. Recently, the actress indulged in some chocolatey treats. She posted an image of the same on Instagram, and captioned the post, “All hung up on chocolate.” In the post, we can see a variety of thin chocolate barks hanging from a wire-like structure. We can see brown chocolate with tiny nuts all over it. Next to it is a delectable orange-coloured chocolate, followed by a brown one. At the end of the string, we see a white chocolate pistachio bark. Take a look: (Also Read:This Is What Kajol Believes About Coffee, And We Wholeheartedly Agree) Kajol does have sweet cravings from time to time and she doesn’t shy away from sharing the same on social media. In July, she had shared an image of a scrumptious gajar ka halwa. Kajol captioned the post, “Good looking calorie-free gajar ka halwa. Best of both worlds.” To find out more about Kajol’s dessert that won’t add any calories, click here. Kajol celebrated her birthday in August. On her special day, she received a lot of sweet treats. Gushing over four bowls of delicious creme brulee with fresh strawberries placed on top of them, Kajol posted the image on Instagram and even tagged the chef thanking him for “adding the sweetness to the day”. She had also shared another image of the treat she got from her friend, filmmaker Karan Johar. It was boxes filled with chocolates and cake jars. To find out more about Kajol’s birthday, click here. On another occasion, the actress gave us a glimpse into her witty side by posting a funny response to those who questioned her appetite. She had shared an image of herself, sitting near a plate of food with a peculiar expression. Kajol captioned the post, “Did you just say ‘I have a good appetite’! Well, when I’m hungry I can eat you too.” To find out what her fans posted when Kajol responded to those who made fun of her eating habits, click here. What do you think about Kajol’s tryst with food and her carefree attitude when it comes to her appetite?

Feeling Lazy? Make Yummy Dahi Sandwich For A Quick Breakfast

When it comes to breakfast, there are tons of things one can quickly make. However, with the everyday upma, poha, paratha and chai-bread, the repetitive flavours may turn boring for our palates. But with the limited time on our hands in mornings, these are often the only recipes that come to our mind. So, to change your menu and to give you a new delicious and healthy recipe, here we bring you a quick 10-minute dahi sandwich! This sandwich may sound offbeat from its name, but trust us, this dish’s comforting yet lip-smacking taste makes an ultimate indulgent breakfast. In this recipe, all you need to do is chop your favourite veggies, mix them with dahi and masalas and cook it on a tawa with bread! Sounds easy, right?Health Benefits Of Curd: Curd is one of those food items that always soothes our soul and gives a comforting taste. This ingredient also has many health benefits to it; check them out:Curd is a fantastic probiotic food, an ingredient that contains live bacteria. These good bacteria have been shown to increase gastrointestinal activity, calm inflammatory digestive tracts, and soothe upset stomachs.Yoghurt’s living active cultures combat disease-causing bacteria and safeguard your gut and intestinal tract. In research, consuming a seven-ounce serving of yoghurt was found to be just as efficient in increasing immunity.It can provide you with calcium and Vitamin B12. Curd is also a rich source of phosphorus, magnesium and other trace minerals.The calcium present in this ingredient also makes it good for bones and overall health. So, with so many benefits to this ingredient, let us see how to make a nutritious dahi sandwich.Here Is How To Make Dahi Sandwich | Dahi Sandwich Recipe To make this, first, take a bowl and add some curd to it. To this, add chopped cucumber, tomatoes, capsicum and onion. Now throw in red chilli, chaat masala, salt and pepper as per taste. Combine all these well. Then place the prepared mix in the middle of two pieces of bread. Pan fry it from both sides and enjoy! For the full recipe of Dahi sandwich, click here. Make this nutritious sandwich, and let us know how you liked the taste of it in the comments below!

Savour Delicious Desi Food With A Twist At Dhansoo Cafe, Gurugram

When it’s about experimenting with food, hardly any other place is as surprising as Delhi NCR. Food in Delhi NCR has evolved to cater to almost everyone, from those looking to grab quick bites to even those who love to party the weekend away. From happening party places of South Delhi to the Gurugram’s bustling streets, you just can never be out of options. So, we recently visited dhansoo cafe located in ambience mall Gurugram. And what we experienced there was nothing less than a culinary wonder on our taste buds. Keeping the essence of the cuisine alive, dhansoo cafe delivers authentic recipes alongside some contemporary ones with a modern style of cooking. Each and every dish on the menu pleased our taste buds. All the dishes were cooked to perfection creating a harmony between flavours and texture. Mushroom chimichurri and keema pav alongside piquant garlic chutney gave our meal a great start and charged up our appetite. Trust us, for vegetarians, keema pav (vegan) and mushroom chimichurri are two dishes that are no less than heaven on the taste buds. Then, we had oven roasted chicken BBQ and south Indian style Kochi prawn curry with biryani rice and coconut chutney that made us drool. This wholesome meal was served along with two tangy drinks- kala jadu and pineapple. The hearty flavours of these drinks are sure to tug at your heart strings. We concluded the meal with the yadoon ka churma along with barfiand three different types of ice creams with very different flavours. While the Roti churma elegantly treated our taste buds with its crunchy and perfect texture, the homemade ice cream won our heart not just by its creamy and unique flavours, but also by its super soft and luscious texture. If you are going to Dhansoo Cafe any time soon, you might not just get delighted by their desi recipes, but also end up licking your fingers because of some of the most quintessential dishes served just right in front of you. Where: Dhansoo Cafe, Ambience Mall, Gurugram Price: Rs. 2000 for two people (approx)

Riteish Deshmukh Posts About Diwali Sweets And Weight Loss; Leaves Twitter Amused

Who doesn’t like a foodie indulgence during festive days, especially during Diwali? From ghee-smeared laddus to crunchy jalebis, sweets become the showstoppers of this season. Since they are a major part of our celebrations, shops often sell them on a “per kg” price tag. But post-Diwali, the scenario is quite different. We see people looking for weight-loss training videos ora detox-diet plan to shave off that extra fat. And, now, Bollywood actor Riteish Deshmukh has taken a funny dig at this eye-catching phenomenon. Riteish posted a demo price chart on Twitter. There we see the rate card of laddu, jalebi, kaju barfi and chocolates during the festive season. Where is the fun, you ask? Take a look at the weight loss bit. It comes with a price tag, which is much more than the food items. “Choose wisely,” was the ending note. The caption read, “I thought I should warn you.” (Also Read:Genelia And Riteish Deshmukh’s Anniversary Dinner Was Full Of Surprises!) Have a look at Riteish’s post: Riteish’s tweet received a lot of reactions from his followers on the microblogging platform. While his tweet was meant to discourage overeating sweets and gaining unhealthy weight during the festival, fans took different humorous stands. A user wrote from the standpoint of a Maharashtrian. He wrote about sweets like bondach laddu, karjikai and besan laddu and said that Diwali could be a cheat day for many people. Riteish’s tweet seems to have triggered many sweet tooth cravings. Another user was reminded of homemade gud ki chikki. And, we have a recipe for gud papdi for you. Thank us later. A few users cracked up after reading the tweet. One of the users commended Riteish’s sense of humour in a reply to the post. Some flipped the meaning of Riteish’s post and wrote that eating sweets was a far better choice than losing weight because sweets were cheaper. (Also Read:Happy Birthday Riteish Deshmukh: 3 Diet & Fitness Tips We Can All Learn From Him) A person complained that Riteish was quoting a higher price for the jalebis. Another wrote that over-consuming any food item is harmful. However, limited indulgence is good. Riteish has left us an interesting foodie message this festive season. Do you agree?

Coffee And Lemon Juice For Weight Loss: Experts Talk About Latest Hack

Weight loss isn’t just about tweaking the diet temporarily but about making major lifestyle changes that can be sustained for the long run. As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” In the quest to lose weight, we often come across several tips and tricks on the internet. These are easy hacks that can be incorporated into our daily routines and claim to speed up weight loss. One such recent weight loss hack is the coffee and lemon juice hack. Videos on social media claim that this concoction can speed up weight loss if consumed early in the morning. Take a look: The videos of coffee and lemon juice have taken social media by storm. Several fitness bloggers shared their experiences with the hack, claiming that this simple hack burned fat and helped shed excess kilos. Videos of ‘before’ and ‘after’ were widely circulated, with many people claiming that this combination of coffee with lemon juice made a significant impact on their weight loss journey. But does this hack really work? Lemon juice is said to help boost metabolism and aid the weight loss journey. Nutritionists do recommend starting the day with lukewarm water and a squeeze of lemon juice to aid the weight loss journey. Coffee too has been mentioned in several studies to increase fat oxidation. (Also Read:Here’s How Adding Cinnamon To Your Coffee Can Spruce Up Both Its Flavour And Health Quotient) However, experts say that coffee and lemon juice is not the only thing required for weight loss. Nutritionist and Macrobiotic Health Coach Shilpa Arora says, “There is no magic bullet or pill for weight loss. Add that lemon to your coffee, however, that’s not the only thing.” Shalini Arvind, Chief Dietician at Fortis Hospitals, Bannerghatta Road says, “Adding lemon juice to coffee is just another trend with no scientific basis to it. Crash diets and trends only result in malnourishment and unhealthy fat loss, with people gaining double of what they’ve lost once off the diet.” (Also Read:5 Healthy Diet Facts That Anyone Wanting To Lose Weight Must Know) Weight loss: Adding lemon juice to your coffeeis not the ideal way to lose weight. But is there any specific harm in consuming coffee with lemon juice? Arvind reveals, “Coffee is a stimulant that also causes dizziness, headachesand when one stops taking it abruptly it may cause withdrawals. People may increase their coffee intake disregarding the safe limitation of consuming no more than 300 mg caffeinedaily. This might lead to dehydration as coffee is diarrheic and could also interfere with the absorption of calcium and iron in the body.” Similarly, too much lemon juice may also cause issues. “Intake of excess lemon juice may aggravate acidity problemsamongs people. In general, consuming lemon is good if in the required quantity as it is rich in vitamin C and also helps absorb iron, but when added to caffeine, it holds no added benefits,” concludes Arvind. What is the right way to lose weight then? “Strong willpower, calorie deficit in a healthy way, and routine exercises, teamed with the right guidance of a dietician, are the only way of achieving healthy weight loss,” recommends Arvind. “Weight loss is a culmination of long term clean eating, exercising, sleeping well, balancing hormones with sufficient vitamin D. Yoga and movement is also necessary for an active thyroid,” adds Shilpa Arora. (Also Read:5 Common Weight Loss Mistakes After 5pm As Per Nutritionist’s Viral Video) Weight Loss: It is better to follow expert-recommended diet plan for weight loss. Thus, coffee and lemon juice is no guarantee of weight loss. Eat a balanced diet and consume everything in moderation, do not rely on diet fads or weight loss hacks online. There are a number of factors to be considered as part of a diet plan to lose weight. In case of any confusion, it is always a good idea to consult a qualified expert or nutritionist. Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.